John Haywood – Watercolour

Park Gate since 2012

Watercolours have long held a fascination for me.

I was first drawn to landscape painting and the rich tradition of using watercolours to capture and depict nature’s beauty; scenes often characterised by the absence of any obvious human intervention. More recently, however, I’ve undergone an aesthetic u-turn and have increasingly been attracted to more urban scenes, often characterised by a particular absence of nature. The work that I’ll be showing at this year’s open house will draw on both landscapes and cityscapes.

My paintings fall under the watercolour umbrella of  ‘impressionistic’. I don’t seek to mimic a photograph-like realism, preferring instead to try to capture a feeling or mood of a subject, whether that is of a specific place, a quality of light or time of day.

The approach I pursue in my painting is known as a ‘direct’ approach. Instead of building up layer upon layer of thinly applied transparent washes, I endeavour to paint boldly with the minimum number of washes and, where possible, brushstrokes needed to portray a subject.

Below are a few examples:

I’m honoured that my work is held in private collections – what I like to call people’s homes – far and wide, from Wales to Milan, Hove to Finland and Spain to America.

My online home and sanctuary is my website Brushes with Watercolour but you can also find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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